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  • Therapy for Infertility

    When building your family doesn’t happen the way you always thought it would, getting support can help you navigate the emotional rollercoaster ride you have found yourself on.

    When you struggle to have a child everything sucks. Your relationships with friends and family are strained, holidays are hard and seeing happy families and pregnancy announcements all over social media is enough to make you want to hide out from the world.

    Whether you just received an infertility diagnosis, have suffered pregnancy or child loss, are trying to navigate the world of fertility treatment, or are considering building your family through donor conception or adoption, life can feel frustrating, overwhelming, and at times hopeless.

    Do I need Infertility Therapy?

    Infertility and the struggle to build your family can impact you in many ways, ranging from mild to disruptive and overwhelming. You may feel depressed, angry and anxious. Your relationship with your partner, friends, family and even with your own body may be suffering.

    Your mind may be overwhelmed with worry, confusion, obsession, frustration, irritability and despair.  Sometimes these feelings interfere with your ability to be present with yourself or others and impact your ability to feel joy and happiness in your life. If any of this resonates with you, therapy can help.

    The struggle to build your family can be a lonely experience.

    From a young age we are made to believe that the formula for building a family is “easy”. Fall in love, make a baby, live happily ever after. When a family doesn’t come easy for you, you feel broken. Like something must be “wrong with you”. You are angry that this dream comes so “easy” for everyone else.

    You aren’t alone in your experience. You do not have to suffer in silence anymore. Therapy can help you process the grief of infertility, learn ways to cope with the pain of struggling to build your family, and begin to feel like your real self again.